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To acquire complete legal aid on a wide range of difficulties, seek the expertise of an experienced paralegal firm in Ontario. When it comes to settling legal challenges, Allied legal experts are highly experienced with years of knowledge and competence.



Our paralegal services are far less expensive than those provided by traditional law firms. Our clients benefit from our services at a low cost.


Easily accessible

We are a group of approachable legal specialists who will reach any moment to work within Ontario's jurisdiction.


Legal Guidance

We provide legal advice and consultations to assist you in navigating challenges relating to provincial and municipal laws.



We are a group of experienced paralegal consultants with a track record of successfully resolving legal disputes and mediation claims in Ontario.


Areas Of Experience

Our paralegal advisors are experts in a wide range of topics, including civil and municipal law, and can help customers navigate the legal system with ease. As previously said, our full-service paralegal team provides corporations and enterprises with variable-cost paralegal support to help them maximize productivity and control expenditures. Check out the summaries of all of our services listed below.


Landlord & Tenant Court Services

The landlord and tenant board (LTB) establishes the rights and obligations of landlords and renters in residential properties. They give people a way to enforce their rights. The LTB's mission is to assist tenants and landlords in resolving disputes through mediation or adjudication. The LTB also handles eviction requests from co-ops. In addition, it informs tenants and landlords of their rights and duties under the RTA.


Small Claims Court Services

Contract disputes, judgment enforcement, debt recovery, and various other monetary problems up to a ceiling of $25,000 are handled in Small Claims Court. It can be challenging to navigate the rules of a small claims court if you are unfamiliar with them. As a skilled paralegal near you, we will represent you in Small Claims Court. They can also assist you in achieving the notable victory you desire.


WSIB - Workers & Employers

The Workplace Safety and Compensation Board (WSIB) is a provincial body that oversees workplace safety and compensation. Employees who got hurt at work can get help and insurance through this program. To enjoy the benefits of workplace insurance, you can file a claim with the WSIB. The tribunal establishes rights and obligations for both workers and employers, as well as a method for enforcing those rights. Workers can seek legal assistance from us if they want to appeal to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and have their rights restored.


License With LSO

The Law Society of Ontario is in charge of regulating the legal profession in the province. It is responsible for the education, regulation, licensing, supervision, and discipline of paralegals and lawyers in Ontario. They ensure that paralegals and lawyers are capable of providing high-quality legal services to the general public. We can help you study for the LSO exam at Allied Paralegal Services. The Law Society of Ontario issues professional paralegal licenses, and we assist them in getting them. We can help you achieve your P1 or paralegal license.


Human Rights Consultations


The purpose of the Canadian Human Rights Act is to ensure that every citizen's right to be free of harassment and discrimination is protected. These rights are safeguarded and upheld consistently across the country. Individuals are protected against discrimination under the Human Rights Act. Based on race, color, ancestry, place of origin, creed, disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, and criminal record. Allied Paralegal's expert legal advisors assist persons in defending themselves against claims involving human rights violations of any kind.


At Allied Paralegal, we provide superior justice of peace representation. As a result, if you're looking for a "lawyer near me" to help you with an injustice, contact Allied Paralegal and schedule an appointment now.


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